Safestep Floors

Case Study

With over 30 years in the commercial cleaning industry, Safestep Floors is a company that focuses on the health and safety of you and your floors by preventing slip and falls while your floor is dry, but more importantly, while your floor is wet.

The Challenge:
How do you build the look of a brand to feel professional and friendly? What content should you create to target such a large audience ranging from Hotels to Airports?

The Result:
A full branding package with a client editable website. Print work that matches the brand and is efficient for presentations that are given to anyone in the target audience.

    Scope of Work
  • Web Design & Development
  • Branding & Identity Design
  • Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Print
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The Beginning

To begin working on building the Safestep Floors brand, we first looked towards the competition to see what they were offering different from what Safestep Floors is offering. Upon reviewing these competitors, we were able to come up with a game plan and an approach to reaching the customer. The website is not the place to win people over, but simply be a place of reference, and a place to solidify the brand. The website needs to be simple and give the numbers that the COF of a potential client's floor should be.

The early stages of wireframing

Mockup of live site

The Logo

You can't have a successful brand without having a logo for your company to be identified by. The logo for Safestep Floors was discussed multiple times and multiple iterations were created before finally designing the logo that would represent the company. Both the client and the designer were satisfied. The logo shows the ability for a person to walk safely on a floor, just like the result of the service the company provides.

Safestep Floors' logo

Final logo

The Approach

The approach for the company regarding gaining clients is much more personal e.g. phone calls or face to face meetings. To aid Safestep Floors in these meetings, a brochure and business card is needed. This print work needs to represent the brand and provide customers with all of the essential information they need on the service, product, and outcome.

Wireframe for Brochure

Rough sketch for the brochure

Final print work

The Result

A solid brand with a client editable website using Squarespace to keep maintenance costs, hosting costs, and site-wide update costs low. The website and accompanying print work provide the company with solid information that clients need to help make the decision of paying for the service provided by Safestep Floors.

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