Is Technology Making Us Lazy

Zachary Newton Avatar by Zachary Newton
on April 29, 2017

Have you ever sat down at 7:00 am to play a Video game, or scroll on Instagram for 10 minutes or so, only to find yourself getting back up fifteen minutes later at 11:00 am? Yes, I am exaggerating these numbers a little, but I am sure it has happened to you to some extent. A lot of us get distracted with technology because the technology makes it so easy to sit for hours and not notice. I guess you could say that it is definitely doing its job though.

Example of Distraction

I am not saying that technology is bad, I am simply stating that many of us are unaware of what it is making us do at times. The technology we have can be great for helping us relax, or even be more productive. I try all the time to use technology so I can be more productive, but every now and then I still find myself becoming distracted from the things I need to do. I must say, it is quite aggravating.

I hear about people all the time who have things that they need to do e.g. school, work, be with friends, work on personal projects, but they get distracted. The majority of the time I hear about it, they were distracted by technology.

In my opinion, it is generally a matter of our own will power that determines whether technology is a distraction. We can be sidetracked by anything, we just happen to not mind or notice it quite as much when it is our phones, our computers, or sometimes even our gaming systems.

I am not trying to make a huge point here. There is no one answer to this situation. I’m just sharing a thought I had the other day when I realized I was becoming distracted by my gaming system at home. I can’t tell you if you are being distracted by technology. However, maybe you are right now. You could be reading this while you have other things you should be doing, or perhaps you are reading this because you have the time.

We must have a strong self-awareness to be able to determine what is a distraction in our lives, and what is not. Sometimes it can be easy to see, but sometimes it is not.


If you have read this whole post, I only hope that it can help you become aware of what your distraction might be. Try unplugging your game system, deleting some apps, or signing out of some apps that you can’t delete. Give some things a try and hopefully, you can become more productive by eliminating the things that are holding you back.

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